Anyone who pays attention to packaging in the supermarket may not immediately recognize one of our products. In recent years we have been able to develop beautiful projects with various prepackers. These prepackers mainly supply various supermarket chains, sometimes under their own brand and in many cases also under a private label. Developing packaging for a prepacker requires a special technical process. 

Where, for example, in restaurants we mainly look at the appearance of a packaging, we focus more on the logistic process and optimizing the 'best before date' when we talk about prepacking food. Fresh products are often ordered under pressure of a short production time. As a result, a packaging must also be able to participate in the production process and even ensure that the production process can also be accelerated. In addition to taking into account minimal spoilage and the logistics process, the looks of the packaging are also very important. 

Optimal coordination between production, logistics and commercial aspect is therefore extremely important! 

Bracamonte Convenient Kitchen

Bracamonte Convenient Kitchen was created from a passion for food and to make food accessible to as many people as possible. Especially in places where this is not self-evident, such as gas stations, work or an airplane. Every day, the chefs make the best products for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Bracamonte's service makes everyday dinning a special moment for guests. A large part of Bracamonte's products are in the 'grab-and-go' refrigerators. To optimize the 'best before' date and freshness, the packaging must match the product in a very specific way. Bracamonte's packaging products also consist of shelf-life films, salad containers and various wrap cups and sandwicht trays. 

PP cups 101mm 150cc
/ Doos á 1000 stuks
PP cups 101mm 150cc
PP spuitgiet cups 115/70mm 500cc