A complete range of packaging materials for your online store! 

Maintaining a beautiful website and processing online orders is a task in itself. With COVID-19 in mind, online orders have skyrocketed in the last 1.5 year. Same-day shipping of online orders is nowadays more common than unique, and with the right packaging materials you ensure that orders are delivered safely, but also with the right brand experience of your company.

Everyone is happy when the local postman is at the door to deliver a long-awaited package. It is always a huge party to unpack a delivered package! With the right style and design of the packaging material, you ensure the correct brand experience for your product and company up to and including the actual delivery!


A wide range of cardboard boxes

A cardboard box can be as versatile as you think. A wide variety of cardboard materials, thicknesses of the cardboard, colors and sizes are choices that can be tailored to the wishes and needs of your company. Shipping boxes are necessary for an online store, but we have also been able to develop many great projects and assignments for physical stores in both food and non-food industry.

Shipping bags

Cardboard shipping boxes are not necessary in every industry. If you have an assortment with smaller products that can be sent via letterbox delivery, we have a wide range of shipping bags and letterbox boxes available.

Shipping bags are made of sturdy plastic and can be used for various product types due to their light weight and free shape. Very handy for the fashion industry and other industries who don’t ship fragile products.

 The design of the packaging materials is very important, but we cannot forget that the most important thing is to ship your products safely. In our webshop we have a large amount of protection and filling materials in stock. This includes bubble wrap, foils, cardboard protective materials and various types of tape. Of course we also have the possibility to make protection and filling materials tailormade.


Protection and shipping accessories

Products are packed in sturdy packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, tubes or envelopes. Extra protection of the product is necessary to safely transport the product and deliver it to the costumer. We have various protection materials in our webshop. This includes various types of tape, bubble wrao films, tissue paper, xardboard sheets and various rolls and sheets of protection fils to prevent scratches and other damaging on the product.