At ZNP we love good food and drinks. Thanks for that, because we are working on packaging solutions for the food industry on daily basis. Our food specialists know better than anyone about the high demands placed on packaging when it comes to food safety. That is why we always come up with suitable solutions for our customers that do not leave a bad aftertaste in a practical or even legal sense. Finally, a tasty product should also come out of the packaging fresh and tasty. That is why we do not only sell packaging, but we are happy to advise and guide the customer from start until the actuale end use of the product! 

A fish from Simonis

Simonis is a real family business with a love for fish. Simons at the harbour is a household name in the region and far beyond. Manu families in The Netherlands take the car and go on a little roadtrip on Sunday to get some fresh fish from Simonis. The family business currently has several shops in Schevening and The Hague. 

In addition to the well-known fish chain, Simonis founded the subsidiaries Catch and Encore at Simonis a few years ago. Catch is an international fish restaurant, and at Encore you can indulge in internationally oriented dishes with a nod to the Asian Cuisine. 

We can actually call Simonis a lifelong partner. We have been supplying the company with various packaging materials for many years. In times of COVID-19, Simonis made a switch and produced an extra service: take-away and delivery throughout the whole country! This resulted in beautiful new packaging with the emphasis on the safe and tidy transport of luxury fish and meat dishes with a personal touch!