Food industry

The food industry is the biggest industry in The Netherlands. The food industry is a part of the nutrition- and stimulants industry which creates a lot of possibilities for food packaging materials. We have a big range of products for different kind of branches, such as coffee, pastry, fish, bread, drinks, power food and snack stores.   


Shelf life and consumer safety

Packaging solutions extend the shelf life of food enormously and packaging also meet high consumer safety requirements. In addition to practical and strict measures, we at ZNP packaging ensure that the packaging also has the right appearance and matches the brand experience of your company.

 All packaging materials are produced with the greatest care, according to international standards and comply with HACCP and BRC guidelines.


We offer a wide range of disposables. Disposable packaging can be used for your restaurant or event and brings it to a higher level when the packaging is tailormade. In the last years we have focused on environmentally friendly and sustainable packacing, together with our customers. A complete line of sustainable disposables is therefore certainly available. All of our disposables can be provided with your own logo and house style. 

Tailormade products

After the introduction of the Single-Use-Plastic legislation, more companies are focused on sustainability. Therefore, we have converted the packaging for many of our customers to a more sustainable assortment. These are disposables, made from sustainable materials like cardboard, paper and sugarcane. Sustainable packaging can also be printed in your own branding and logo, so we develop disposables focused on your brand identity!


Wide product range

We at ZNP Packaging offer a wide range of packaging materials including packaging accessories and packaging systems. You can find a wide choice of foils, plastic bags, trays for food- and meal prep, conical trays, paper bags and different kind of cardboard and hygienic products in our webshop. Besides our huge assortment in unprinted packaging materials we deliver printed and customized packaging for most of our customers.