Sustainable packaging

We have been engaged in sustainable packaging developments in society for years. How can you create economic growth without compromising nature and the environment? At ZNP Packaging we keep a close eye on this trend and many of our customers have already opted for sustainable packaging solutions.

By offering products that comply with environmental characteristics and sustainability certifications, we all contribute to sustainable business.


FSC certificate

The use of packaging materials does not have to be at the expense of the living environment of trees, animals and plants. By using wood from an FSC forest, we can be sure that a product is delivered from sustainable forest management.

The FSC system maintains responsible forest management and ensures that forests can continue to exist. The habitat of plants and animals is protected and the risk of forests being cut down for other purposes such as mining is prevented as much as possible.

Our FSC (cardboard and paper) products can be recognized by the FSC logo printed on the packaging.

Single Use Plastic - SUP

The amount of single use plastic in seas is increasing enormously every year. Plastic waste is a major environmental problem because plastic contains toxic substances and will not break down in nature.

Many animals such as sea turtles, seals, fish and crustaceans accidentally eat these plastic remains and can become ill. The European Union therefore wants to reduce the use of single use  plastic and optimize the collection and recycling process of plastic. European Single-Use Plastic (SUP) legislation will take effect from 3 July 2021.

We have been looking around us from the very beginning and follow trends and developments closely. That is why we have been offering sustainable and biodegradable packaging solutions for many years.

There will be a ban on plastic plates, cutlery, stirrers, drinking cups, meal containers and straws. There are plenty of alternatives that can be used to replace these plastic materials. These alternatives are biodegradable and made from natural products. In this way we all contribute to the preservation of our beautiful marine animals and their living environment!