The take-away industry has grown into one of the most powerful concepts in the past years. The option for a meal delivery has been around for many years, but since the lockdown due to COVID-19, many restaurants have also switched to take-away and delivery options. In The Netherlands, the meal delivery and take-away industry grew by 43% in 2020. The enormous popularity of take-away and delivery options give restaurant owners a great oppurtiny to expand their excisting concept. With take out options it is very important to adjust your packaging and take care of a good and fresh delivery. That means the packaging needs to keep cold products cold and heated products hot. 


Poké Perfect

A food concept for fast, healthy food with sustainable and fresh products, that is Poké Perfect. The familie business, which was founded by brother and sister Gerrit Jan and Quinta, now has 14 shops throughout The Netherlands. The Poké dishes consist of sushi rice, (raw) fish or meat and various toppings, all served in one bowl. 

The philosophy of Poké Perfect is honest food. It therefore only serves sustainable caught fish. The Poké Perfect packaging line also consists of sustainable and biodegradable materials. We supply sugarcane pokebowls, cardboard brown kraft trays, bamboo chopsticks and paper carrier bags, all tailormade!