The take-away industry has grown into one of the most powerful concepts in the past years. The option for a meal delivery has been around for many years, but since the lockdown due to COVID-19, many restaurants have also switched to take-away and delivery options. In The Netherlands, the meal delivery and take-away industry grew by 43% in 2020. The enormous popularity of take-away and delivery options give restaurant owners a great opportunity to expand their excisting concept. With take out options it is very important to adjust your packaging and take care of a good and fresh meal. That means the packaging needs to keep cold products cold and heated products hot. 

Kiiro Japanese Curry House

Kiiro is the first Japanese Curry house located in the Netherlands. One of the most important spices for a Japanese curry is the yellow colored turmeric. That is also why the companies name is Kiiro, which means yellow in the Japanese language. Within Kiiro's concept, you choose your favorite ingredients to create a delicious curry! Kiiro has now grown into a wellknown company with three different locations in Rotterdam. 

The different kind of packaging contains a lot of colors, in the wellknown yellow and red of the Kiiro logo. The packaging line is recognizable and fresh, and includes different kind of cartboard bowls, chopsticks, napkins, cutlery and paper bags.