We can also provide a complete packaging line within the entertainment and events industry. You can think about an event, conference, holiday or amusement park. We can offer many products for different events. We provide a complete packaging line for tasteful and and distinctive events. We work a lot in the catering industry, but beside this industry we offer a lot of other products, just like goodie bags and surprise boxes for different partners. 

Adventure farm and 

holiday park Molenwaard

Family fun! The little farm children, Fien and Teun, accompany you on an adventure farm and holiday park, which was established in 2021. Both entertainment parks are a part of Van Hoorne Entertainment. A world full of adventure and outdoor activities are available and specially made for young guests. The Fien and Teun packaging line now consists a complete range of disposables such as ersatz bags, paper bags, conical trays, cardboard plates, ice cream cups, children's menu boxes, straws and cutlery.