Retail (non food)

As a company, there is nothing more important than communicating a full brand experience to a customer. This starts at the production of your product and ends with the actual sale and use of your product. Within the retail sector, we supply various packaging solutions in different materials.

Beautiful customized name-printed bags and shipping boxes, everything is possible. People can actually recognize your brand when your customers wear custom made bags! You will communicate throughout your packaging materials, and that is such an important marketing tool. Whether it concerns paper or plastic disposables, or large sustainable shoppers and cool bags, we offer many possibilities within ZNP Packaging. Of course we also offer a wide range in unprinted products on our website. 


Luxury and tailormade bags

Luxury bags are a huge trend, simply because your customer literally carries your brand. When we’re designing a new bag it’s not only about having your own logo printed on the bag. A clothing store has other needs in packaging materials compared to a fresh fish store.

We can work on a lot of details in tailormade bags. With our customers we choose the right stitching, zipper, bottom and the strength of the plastic or cotton of the bag. We work on every detail, small or big, just to fit in the wishes and needs of the customer.

A wide range of cardboard boxes ensures that we have a suitable product for every sector in the retail industry. Whether it’s a clothing shop, a car parts shop or an entertainment company, we provide products for everyone!

ZNP Packaging is of high added value because we develop based on demand. There is hardly a 'no' in our vocabulary! It is a fun challenge to develop products that will solve a lot of problems for our customers. 

In addition to the entire product development, we deliver at store level throughout the Netherlands. We provide a complete experience and take the worry off of your hands. We take full responsibility for the whole logistic process for all of our packaging. This means you don't have to worry about inventory management. We keep your products in our warehouse and delivery to different stores when neccessary, so you dant have a shortage of storage. We are innovative and like to think along! 

A wide range of cardboard boxes ensures we have a suitable product for every industry in the retail sector. Whether it's a clothing or shoe store, the local carparts shop or products for the entertainment industry, ZNP Packaging is versatile!