From sketch to finishing product

Inspiring and innovative ideas can look great in your head. Converting these ideas into actual ideas on paper can be quite a challenge. At ZNP packaging we not only create and distribute packaging, but we also help develop new ideas!

We always try to offer the best solutions for our customers. A lot is possible, and we want to include in the whole project to find the best packaging materials for every specific customer. One of our account managers will pay a visit to your company to discuss all the possibilities about the brand experiences, material types and different kind of packaging solutions. 


Suitable packaging

for your product

One of the most important aspects for the choice of packaging is that
it closely matches the product. The product that needs the packaging nainly
determines the choice of material types, a protected coating and the size of
the packaging.

A cardboard box can be printed on both the outside and inside, but is
not the perfect choice for certain food products. For example, greasy
products need packaging with a coating so the grease does not leak. When
packaging products, we carefully examine which packaging fits best
in order to optimize the quality of the product. Whether it concerns
foodstuffs, clothing or fragile products. Each product is unique in
itself and also requires unique custom made packaging.

Both protection and presentation of the packaging are important
aspects for a product and the optimalisation of the sales.

Frecious slowjuice

For Frecious Slowjuice we have developed a new concept for their
"health shots". The cups we supply are suitable for the freezer and just
enough for one shot. As an account manager you are always looking
for innovative packaging solutions.

We have therefore designed new cups for these health shots. A cup with
a separate lid so it can be automatically filled. In addition, the customer
can consume the shot more easily. The automatic filling of the cups
ensures more efficient production. We take care of the packaging, but
we also think along by realizing new packaging solutions so that, in this
case, the customer's production process can be optimized.



After we have chosen the materials we will make the design. The client's corporate
identity is extremely important here. What message do you want to convey with
your packaging? Recognizability and being innovative is a major must, but to
actually implement this with an overall packaging assortment with various
types of material can sometimes be difficult.

The production of new packaging materials is therefore not possible
without a pre-made sketch. We make various designs and determine together
with the customer what the overall line will look like. Text, color, logos and
animations are used. Not every type of material can be printed in full
color, and not every color works well on certain materials.
99% of the products will be printed with PMS colors.


After several sketches have been made and the customer has made a
choice, the sketch is converted into an actual design. Digital drawings
are used to place the design in the exact space and size. With a digital
3D drawing, the customer gets a clear view of the final results of the
packaging. But of course that’s not where our work ends.

In case of a packaging with a brand new design, we always supply a
hand model or sample. Despite the fact that a drawing, or even a
digital 3D drawing, already shows a lot, it is important for the overall
experience to have a physical packaging. It gives a realistic picture and
the possibility to adjust a few things. This way, both the customer and
the people at our company know what will be delivered, without any
unexpected surprises.


Agreement and production

After the customer received the sample and approved the design we will
put the order in production. We can plan the delivery time based on the size of the
order, the materials and the design. Big orders will be produced and shipped from our
own distribution center in Asia. This gives us the opportunity to buy in bulk at
competitive and low rates. Due to the longer delivery time from Asia, many of our
customers place an order for one year in advance. Our central located distribution
center in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands allows us to manage stock and deliver orders
within 24 hours.