The smell of fresh baked bread. That's how it al started in 1929, when founder Frans van Hoogstraten senior visited the local bakeries in Rotterdam and the surrounding area to sell packaging. The bakery industry was our largest customer base. Weekly orders were delivered by delivered by bicycle to the local companies. The bakery and pastry companies today sell much more than just bread. The range has therefore expanded considerably over the years to a complete line of packaging. LDPE swing bags, pastry boxes, ersatz bags, chocolate letter boxes, cake rims, conical trays, soda kraft bags, papier carrier bags and paper coffee cups are a small selection from this range. 


Bakker Ammerlaan

Bakker Ammerlaan has been the local bakery in Bleiswijk and nearby areas for more than 125 years. The bakery, located in Bleiswijk itself, provides delicious scents in and around our office and warehouse, especially in December! After a new logo and various stores that have been decorated in a brand new stule, we have also adapted the packaging line to this new style.