Chocolate & pastry

Sweets come in many shapes and sizes. Where the pastry shops originated in France, there are also many pastry companies in The Netherlands. Pies, petit fours, macarons and eclairs, they look almost too beautiful to eat. Pastry is a treat for the eye and for the taste, nothing is more fun than develope matching unique packaging for this very special industry. You may be able to compare the chocolate and pastry industry with a bakery, but nothing could be further from the truth. Within the chocolate and pastry industry, products are made in the most diverse shapes and sizes. The products are often provided with fragile toppings susch as cream, creme, marzipan, fruit or chocolate. The design of these delicates is a work of art in itself, which means that they are also packed in the safest and luxurious packaging. 


Who doesn't love chocolate? There is always an oppportuinty for a goud piece of chocolate or a bonbon. Tosca Chocolatier Confiseur is the supplier of exclusive chocolate products. Due to its traditional method, Tosca has been known for its top quality chocolate and bonbons for years. 

When you say Tosca, we immediately think about duplex boxes when we talk about packaging. For several years now, we have been supplying various letter boxes, window boxes and conical cardboard trays for different chocolate letters and bonbons. All packaging is precisely made for a specific product. The size and weight of chocolate letters and bonbons are measured, so that we can accurately adjust the thickness and size of the packaging.