Custom made packaging

As an organization you want to leave a certain image to your
target group. Good communication and presentation are extremely
important. Recognizability and the right appearance ensure a good
distinction in the market and with the right packaging materials you
ensure the recognizability of your companies image.

Therefore, our focus is on customized packaging.


Professional advice from our accountmanagers

But how do you ensure that the packaging material conveys the right
brand experience? Our professionals provide personal adviceand have the
possibility to design every product. Whether it concerns cups, shipping
boxes, gift packaging or bags, we can design products in the corporate identity
of your company. Creativity and innovation are not unknown to us.
We proactively think along with our customer and like creating new opportunities

We think it is important to "really" know our customers, so that we know
exactly what they need. Customers are not numbers, we just talk to Gert
or Annie and really like to know you. We just don't make things more difficult
than they are. We and our customers don't like that, which is why we
have been doing this since 1929.

Already have your own design or idea? No problem! You are also very
welcome and we can help you put together a nice range of packaging


With more than 4000 products in our web shop, we offer a wide range
of packaging. A wide variety of foils, plastic bags, bins and lids, cardboard
boxes, bags and disposables is just a small selection from our range.

The used materials are diverse and selected with the greatest care. Within
the food industry we only offer food-safe products. Our BRC certificate for
2020 - 2021 is AA class certified and we are proud of that!


Sustainable packaging

Since the founding of ZNP packaging in 1929, we have been following trends

and expectations in the packaging industry. We can provide tailor-made advice in the field
of sustainable and biodegradable packaging solutions. We closely monitor new laws and
regulations regarding sustainability and adapt our packaging solutions accordingly.

Our range also contains a large amount of biodegradable packaging. These kind of
products are made from bamboo, kraft, PLA (corn starch), cardboard and sugar cane.

In addition to our BRC certification, we are also FSC certified. The FSC system
protects forest management and the habitat of plants and animals. By using
FSC we give economic value to the forest area and support theconservation
of this habitat.

From July 3, 2021, the Single-Use Plastic (SUP) directive will apply. Various disposable
plastic packaging such as straws, cutlery, stirrers, plates and foam packaging
are no longer allowed. We have various sustainable alternatives for
the disposable plastic items available on our website.

Unique selling point: 

Manage stock

In addition to our distribution center in Asia, we have our own, centrally
located distribution center in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands. This gives us
the ability to manage stocks and deliver them within 24 hours. If you do
not want to lose space for storage, we offer the possibility to manage the
storage for you. With the right packaging, without losing space for
storage, we simply create a better margin on products for our customers.


More than 4000 products in our online store

With our solution-oriented way of working, we provide our customers with
packaging solutions that really benefit them. Whether it concerns carrier bags,
food packaging or disposables, we draw from a wide, high-quality range of
products that is characterized by a competitive price-quality ratio. To this end, we
deploy our worldwide connections from our offices in Bleiswijk and Asia. If you
are looking  for unique packaging that matches your image, you should
definitely get to know our tailor-made solutions.