From one generation

to the next one

ZNP Packaging has started in 1929 with the name ‘Zuid-Nederlandse
Papierwarenfabriek’. For many years now ZNP Packaging is a loyal
partner for a lot of companies in and outside our province. With the
years we have now grown into a national supplier and we have
welcomed some international customers as well. We work very
closely with our customers and this ensures a long-term and
pleasant relationship. 


ZNP Packaging started in the 1930s as a supplier of packaging to the
local retail trade. In recent years we have extended our focus to the food
industry and we can welcome bakeries, prepackers in the pastry, meat
and fish industry, among others. Besides a lot of customers are located
in the food industry we also supply a versatile range to other retail
chains and online stores. 

ZNP has been located at the Alfred Nobelstraat in Bleiswijk since 1981.
ZNP has traditionally been a family business. We have built a wonderful
relationship with many customers for more than 30 years. Through
our joint future perspectives and openness, we create a stable
and reliable cooperation with our customers.

The involvement and enthusiasm of our entire team ensures that
we make the experience for the customer as easy and pleasant
as possible.

Personal touch

Door onze persoonlijke en open aanpak leren wij onze klanten
door en door kennen. We houden korte lijnen en bezoeken onze
klanten regelmatig om altijd up to date te blijven. Door onze
hoge mate van betrokkenheid zijn we niet zomaar een
verpakkingsbedrijf, maar denken wij met je mee en bieden
vernieuwing en hulp waar nodig is. We werken met elkaar,
niet voor elkaar.

Because of our personal and open approach, we get to know
our customers very well. We keep short lines of communication
and visit our customers regularly so we always stay up to date.
Due to our high degree of commitment, we are not just a
packaging company, but we think along with you and offer
innovation and help where necessary.


Innovative and solution-oriented

Within ZNP Packaging we distinguish ourselves by thinking along
with the customer in a solution-oriented way. We develop our own
innovative packaging to stay ahead of the competition,
both our own competitor and the competitor of the customer.

By developing innovative packaging, we think along with the
customer and your needs in order to optimally present a product
in the market. We are involved and think beyond the actual sale.
For every customer we look for the right solution with the least
concern for the customer. This applies from the creation of an
packaging and it’s order to the actual delivery. With more than
90 years of experience, ZNP packaging is a reliable supplier for
packaging materials!

Corporate identity

A lot has changed in our more than 91 years of existence. The
company has been passed down from generation to generation,
and traditions have never ceased to exist. ZNP packaging has
grown enormously in these years. If we offer innovations, we
must also grow in it ourselves.

Since January 1, 2021, ZNP verpakkingen has continued under
the name ZNP packaging. An international name because we
grow internationally and have welcomed more international
customers as well. We still offer the service that you are used
to, but have made things easier for our customers.

In addition to our brand new website / online store, customers
can place an order via the personal customer portal. All custom
made printed products can be found online, making it even
easier to place an order.


Showroom & conference room

A few years ago we had a beautiful shop where customers could get ideas
for customized packaging materials. Now that there are so many
options online and we can make designs on location, we have transformed
our shop area into a meeting room and showroom. In a nutshell, we
give an impression of the possibilities we offer.

Make an appointment, and you are very welcome to visit us!

Staff members

Every employee in the organization is the key to success! Our
team consists of a close group of employees. A family business,
many of which have been involved in packaging since childhood
and have acquired many years of knowledge. Many of our
account managers have more than 25 years of experience!
Thanks to our many years of experience, we are motivated to
teach new employers all the ins and outs of the packaging


Logistic center and warehouse

At ZNP we have our own, distribution center in Guangzhou, China,
so we can purchase large quantities at competitive rates. Because of our
centrally located headquarters and warehouse we can manage stocks and
deliver within 24 hours.

Within our warehouse we use various logistics resources and a fully
automated WMS system. Our warehouse employees take great care in
preparing your order for shipment.

We give the possibility to keep your stock at our warehouse. We manage
the whole logistic process for you. From keeping the stock, to deliver to all
your franchise companies when that’s preferably. With the right packaging,
without losing space for storage, we simply create a better margin on
products for our customers. And that's exactly what it's all about.

Welcome to ZNP!