Fries and snacks industry

We offer a complete range of catering, snack bar, restaurant and cafeteria packaging. Within the food industry it is possible to privide all paper packaging with your own brand. We are specialized in our conical trays, which are available at a competitive price-quality ratio, directly from our distribution center in the Far East. More and more entrepeneurs are focusing on sustainable entrepeneurship, as a result of which many customers have completely switched to sustainable packaging. We supple from a diverse range of ersatz snack bags, paper cups, conical trays, hamburger trays, lunch boxes, French fries cones, paper bags, napkins and various types of straws and cutlery. 

Sustainable with Classique Snacks

Classique Snacks is an authentic cafetaria with classic dishes. They are familiar for their recognizable products of high quality. 80% of the menu of Classique Snacks is handmade. Classique Snacks is located on Frederik Hendriklaan, also known as 'De Fred', one of the charming shopping areas of The Hague. 

The disposable line that has been put together for Classique Snacks consist of sustainable packaging. The range includes various sizes of paper bags, cardboard trays, ersatz sheets and paperbags.