We offer a complete range of catering, snack bar, restaurant and cafeteria packaging. Within the food industry it is possible to privide all paper packaging with your own brand. We are specialized in our conical trays, which are available at a competitive price-quality ratio, directly from our distribution center in the Far East. More and more entrepeneurs are focusing on sustainable entrepeneurship, as a result of which many customers have completely switched to sustainable packaging. We supple from a diverse range of ersatz snack bags, paper cups, conical trays, hamburger trays, lunch boxes, French fries cones, paper bags, napkins and various types of straws and cutlery. 

'Get a Brammetje'

'Even een brammetje halen' is a household name in Rotterdam and surrounding area. In fact, in the entire region of South Holland. We are, of course, talking about the company named Bram Ladage. With more than 38 shops in South Holland, Utrecht and North Brabant, the family business is much more than just a French fries baker.

With fantastic marketing campagins, in collaboration with René van der Gijp and Richard Groenendijk and others, and their focus on unique merchandise, Bram Ladage is a successful company which we can call one of our longest running relationships. And we are very proud of that!