FSC Certification

In addition to our BRC certification, we are also FSC certified. The FSC system protects forest management and the habitat of plants and animals. By using FSC we give economic value to the forest area and support the conservation of this habitat.


Why FSC?

Producing our packaging does not have to be at the expense of the living environment of trees, animals and plants. By using wood from an FSC forest, we can be sure that a product is delivered from sustainable forest management. A forest owner from an FSC forest takes into account, among other things, the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of watercourses.

In tropical forests, mainly in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, forests are cut down too quickly. Deforestation causes CO2 emissions that cause climate change. In addition, animals, plants and humans all over the world depend on the forest, which is why we need to protect it at all cost.

The FSC system maintains responsible forest management and ensures that forests can continue to exist. The habitat of plants and animals is protected and the risk of forests being cut down for other purposes such as mining is prevented as much as possible.

By certifying ourselves, we establish that the company complies with the rules. As an FSC certified company, we can sell FSC products. Our FSC products can be recognized by the FSC label, including our unique Quality Mark License Code, which is printed on the product.

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