BRC Certification

Our material types are diverse and selected with the greatest care. Within the food industry we only offer food-safe products. Our BRC certificate for 2020 - 2021 is AA class certified and we are very proud of that!



Because of our long term relationships with customers in the food industry, we believe it is important to create an environment in which product hygiene and product safety are guaranteed. That is why we have been certified according to the BRC S&D standards since 2017, whereby we are inspected annually by DNV.

ZNP Packaging BV is certified according to the BRC Storage and Distribution certificate (BRC S&D), and our certificate has been extended by another year until 10-08-2021. This BRC standard has been specially developed for companies that provide the storage and distribution of packaging and materials that come into direct contact with food.


More than 300 points on the checklist!

BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, or BRC for short, is a standard in the field of food safety. The original purpose of the BRC standard is that all relevant aspects that guarantee food safety are under control. Today, the BRC standard includes requirements for the HACCP system, quality management system, management responsibilities, storage and distribution facilities, product and process control, training opportunities and employee personal hygiene. All these elements are tested against more than 300 points in a checklist to guarantee quality.



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